Anne McClintock (Member) on Door to Door Serviceodinswood 04.2014 003
I left Rehab in April 2005 and didn’t know of any wheelchair accessible transport until my daughter found Vantastic on the internet. Since then I have been using Vantastic to get me to the doctor, hospital and many a social event. It has given me the means to keep me sane and enables me to do the things I need to do.

Laura Leeson (Member) on Self Hire Service
We hired the vehicle for two weeks over SONY DSCChristmas. My family and myself went down to Wexford to stay in a hotel for 4 days. We would not have been able to do this together except for the Self Hire from Vantastic. I was also able to go shopping in Blanchardstown.


VShoproutearious Shop Route members on Shop Route Service
“I love the idea of this coach, its great as I’ve had two hip operations”
“Door to Door – it’s a God Send”
“I don’t worry about being sick as i can now stock up on food”
“I look forward to Fridays to go shopping and a chat with the other ladies”

Kate Moore MBE on Vantastic Group transport BanClusterBombsolution for Cluster Munitions Conference Dublin June 2008
The survivors of cluster bomb incidents were given ‘Rolls Royce’ treatment by Vantastic. Knowing that you were in the background on call 24 hours a day to provide transport as and when required, was a factor in allowing our Ban Advocates to concentrate SONY DSCon their prime task of convincing the diplomats that a ban on cluster munitions was needed.

I knew from day one when Anita (Vantastic Base supervisor) and I were on airport duty to meet our first Ban Advocates and transport them to their hotels, that we had chosen the best possible organisation to help us.

It was a great pleasure to work with the ‘Fantastic Vantastic Team’