About us

About us

Vantastic is a Not for Profit Irish Charity that offers accessible transport services to people with disabilities, citizens (65+) with mobility impairments and not for profit groups.

The Vantastic services originated from the total lack of accessible transport in the early 1990’s and the efforts made by the Centre for Independent Living Dublin to establish a transport division (called Vantastic) with the twin aims of providing an accessible transport service for people with disabilities and also to act as a policy lobby group on government.

Vantastic was registered as a limited company (limited by guarantee not having share capital and tax-exempt under charitable status CHY13777) in June 2000. Since then it has operated as a membership-based organisation, managed by its own Voluntary Board of Directors who currently employ a total of 54 staff to provide 7 day a week accessible transport services.

Vantastic Mission Statement / Vision

  • To provide a flexible,customer-focused d fully accessible and affordable transport services for our members (people with disabilities, older people with mobility impairments and Not for Profit Organisations).
  • Through the provision of our transport services to contribute to the social and economic development of the areas where we operate particularly in relation to the education, training, recreation, social activities and employment of our members.
  • To work with existing and new transport providers and relevant agencies to develop a comprehensive transport network that is inclusive of all Vantastic Members.
  • Through the delivery of our transport services to create employment opportunities for people from disadvantaged groups.