Why Rental

Why use Wheelchair Accessible Car Rental ?

  • Family Days/Special Occasions – Special days and occasions are most memorable when all your family and friends are involved. Whether it is a holiday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, an upcoming wedding, a funeral, or a public event, an accessible vehicle rental that gets everyone to the event together helps make the day inclusive for everyone.
  • Elderly relations – Many elderly people who use wheelchairs are unable to get out of their homes/care homes simply because they and their family do not have access to an accessible vehicle. Rental opens up the potential for families to collect their relations and bring them back into their social life outside the home/care home environment.
  • Rehabilitation/Temporary Disability – A family member or friend has just been released from hospital but still needs regular, daily treatments outside of the home. Rental can help you ensure you get them to their appointments safely, independently, and on time.
  • Leisure travel – Vacations are special times spent with family and friends. It is new adventures and visiting favorite places. Whether it is a single day event or a week or more, ensure you can include all of your family and friends. Rental can help ensure no one is excluded from your plans due to travel restrictions.
  • Out of Town Visitors – If you are expecting visitors or you are a visitor from out of town who has mobility challenges and you want to take advantage of all the wonderful events, sightseeing, shopping, and restaurants, let the rental option help make the visit an enjoyable time for all.
  • Breakdown Cover – Accidents happen and your privately owned accessible vehicle might be out of operation while the repairs are completed. Don’t let that immobilize you. Request a comparable replacement rental from Vantastic.
  • Business travel – Time is important. If you are travelling in Ireland on business and are looking for a transportation solution to accommodate your mobility needs, rental can be your solution.
  • Try Before You Buy – Thinking of buying your own wheelchair accessible/adapted vehicles. Before you make that important and significant purchase, ensure the vehicle fits your needs. Rental can enable you to test drive the fit and comfort of a comparable vehicle at an affordable rental cost.
  • Cost effective alternative to ownership – through using a shared resource (renting a self hire vehicle) there can be potential large cost savings against owning, insuring and maintaining your own vehicle. This is particularly the case when you only own a vehicle for what might be infrequently used.
  • The Green Argument – through adopting the use of a shared resource (renting self hire vehicle) rather than singular vehicle ownership, you can help reduce car congestion, improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.