The Vantastic door-to-door transport service offers individual members an accessible, affordable, accountable and demand responsive transport service.

This service is for those who find it difficult to use buses, trains, taxis, luas or the dart. It can be used for all sorts of journeys, making it easier to go shopping, to attend work, to attend education facilities, to attend appointments, to visit with family and to socialise.

In order to operate as efficiently as possible Vantastic reserves the right to move your pick up time by up to 15 minutes either side of your requested time. Member journeys are coordinated on a route basis with multiple pickups and drop-offs along the route to accommodate as many members as possible

Under normal circumstance we will carry one personal assistant free of charge for the duration of the members trip, once we are told at time of booking.

While Vantastic is a Dublin based organisation we are able to accommodate some transport requests outside of Dublin. Please contact us directly with any enquirers on Free Phone1800 242 703.

Individual Costs